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A few weeks ago I was DARED by a fellow marketer to use a mere $500 and turn it into at least $10,000 in just two weeks.

But, the trick was that I couldn't use my name, my resources or anything else that a complete newbie wouldn't have.

And guess what...

Not only did I succeed in finishing the challenge...

But instead of making $10,000, I DOUBLED the challenge and made over $20,000!

I decided to take these videos and compile them into a product so regular marketers just like you can follow exactly what I did and make money.

This is the hands down SIMPLEST way to earn a lot of money in a quick period of time.

Please note: It still does require a lot of work. Everything requires work. If you're unable to work, you'll be dreaming about making money online for the rest of your life - it ain't gonna happen.

You get to watch over my shoulder LIVE how I generated $20k In 14 Days.

All you need to do is follow my steps in the case study and put it into action yourself.

I cut the hype and fluff out of this sales page and made it straight to the point.

This is for those who can take immediate action on instructions they are given.

If you're willing to put in effort, then this will definitely work for you.

Refund Policy

30 day no questions asked. If you're unsatisfied for whatever reason just shoot me and email and I'll send you a refund.

If you're buying with the intention to ask for a refund, please leave! This is for serious marketers only!

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[GET] EasyAzon Pro With Dev License [HOT]

[GET] EasyAzon Pro With Dev License [HOT]

EasyAzon Pro, an Enhancement for Amazon Affiliates 
Amazon associates can easily gain percentages based on monthly sales, not in terms of bucks yet in regards to amount. If as an example an affiliate web site is responsible for delivery or downloading only 6 items in an offered month, the advertising charge paid by Amazon amount to just 4 % of the purchase rate, nevertheless, if my web site accountables for sales of 631 products around 1570 product lines the charge hops to 8 % as well as it could go as high as 8.5 %. Along with these charges, certain advertising fees are paid relying on product line groups, the greatest being journals at 25 %.

Over time, as the amount expands the rewards grow also, not unlike a financial investment that increases over time. With the wide range of products that are accessible from Amazon its challenging not to at some point generate income. If there is any sort of drawback to being an Amazon associate it is the intricacy as well as time consuming process of creating product line hyperlinks, and also allow’s face it, the even more products the higher the income gaining potential.

Before “EasyAzon Pro” went along, the procedure to develop simply one link, not to mention the dozens that a good affiliate site has, was:

  1. Browsing to
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Quest as well as locate a product
  4. Grab the link
  5. Choose your link type
  6. Choose the anchor content that you desire to use
  7. Copy the HTML coding
  8. Insert the code in to your text

“EasyAzon Pro” removes all that, it effortlessly integrates into WordPress, and you never have to leave your dashboard once again to find the item you wish or select the type of link you prefer.
To this page’s exactly how it functions:

Put up the software application on your home computer, the software application is readily available as a download from the web. As soon as put in a hunt box obtains imbedded straight in to WordPress. This search tool enables you immediate access to the Amazon web site where you could swiftly pick the services and products that you wish to promote on your associate web site.

When the item has actually been chosen the selection of how to present them is yours; you could pick text only, product pictures or complete blocks that include a product picture, description in your very own words, costs, a link to product reviews and a “Buy It” button. This is all done from the WordPress dash panel, as soon as the information is inserted into the correct box, aptly named “insert code”, the associate hyperlink is instantaneous.
Independent testimonials of the product line speak highly of it, indicating the observing perks:
Versatile and extremely simple to make use of

In The EasyAzon Pro Enable affiliate links to automatically add the product to a users shopping cart when clicked (this increases the time in which you can earn a commission from an item added to a cart to 90 days instead of only 24 hours when normally clicked)
EasyAzon Pro Dev Link Localization: Automatically convert affiliate links to the appropriate country based on where the visitor is located


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Hello Guys

I would like to share the Template i have actually working with...if you are intrested extra plugin etc personal stff i created and we can discuss about this case

it have contains

PSD format
Virtuemart Stuff

Updated 6 May 2014

Demo :


GET SCRAPEBOX Updated Working 2014 + tutorial

GET SCRAPEBOX Updated Working 2014 + tutorial

Already Downloaded and tested it's working fine ! Download txt file with instruction and Download links


SCRAPEBOX is the infamous AIO Search engine optimization tool that nearly every Search engine optimization internet marketer praises about. Scrapeboxis definitely an amazingly fast, stable, backlink building machine. At first glance, scrapeboxis really a effective blog bombarding/leaving comments tool. But to actually use scrapeboxto the full potential, I am unable to list all its feature on that one single posts.


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